In high school, I was always the ‘thicker’ friend. It was something I was self conscious of everyday & that continued into the first few years of collage. In 2015 I got my first gym membership. Once I saw the weight coming off, it quickly became an obsession. I was doing intensive cardio, under eating, over training & tracking every bite of food that touched my lips.

From 2015-2017, I struggled with severe body image issues, yo-yo dieting, negative self talk, depression and anxiety. After 2017 I started to research, teach myself, communicate with others and really started focusing on training to be healthy rather training to look a certain way. That’s when everything changed. I started weight training instead of doing obsessive amounts of cardio & fell IN LOVE with how it made me feel. I started intuitively eating and allowing myself to enjoy the things I love rather than obsessively restricting myself.

Over the last couple years I’ve learned what works for me, what doesn’t, what my body likes & doesn’t like. Every single person is different, every body is different and everyone lives a different lifestyle. But it is my hope that by sharing my story & journey along the way, I am able to help as many woman as possible!

We all start somewhere & we all need a support system. We’re all in this together, here to empower and life one another up along the way!

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I remember high school, and I remember that same feeling. Still experiencing the same feeling! From the power of one woman to another, thank you for being MY voice at least. I read the story and seriously cried thinking of really how true this is. Thank you so much Alex, seriously ❤️

Mattierose Santangelo

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